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Addmine was originally founded in 2000 to provide banner management for services delivered to permanent desktop objects (PDO) as part of an Internet service funded by advertising revenue. That service was short-lived when it was discovered that the start-up company was merely scamming investors. Our team had been developing software since 1998 so the domain and the server was put to good use in the promotion of software with membership open to software developers world-wide. But gone are days of reputation for quality as thousands of software and shareware sites have appeared listing anything and everything. So a change was needed and the Addmine resources are now used to promote the livelihood of book authors.

HQAddmine's aim is to provide secure protection for book subscriptions and by preventing unauthorized distribution and sharing, protect the author's livelihood.

The copy protection and DRM control applied to documents distributed via the Addmine website are most secure and unlike other protected book solutions, Addmine protected books cannot be pirated or exploited. What makes this possible is ArtistScope technology.

ArtistScope founded copy protection for the Internet and today provide the most secure copy protection solutions for all types of media. The document protection solution used here on the Addmine website is similar to the customized version of ArtistScope DRM (for eBooks) that was specially developed for an online library specializing in academic research. Not only does this solution provide the most secure protection from all copy including screen capture and sharing, but it caters for both desktop reading and reading online from popular web browsers. No other solution provides this level of protection and scope. For more information, see Copy Protection for eBooks.

Automated Sales and Revenue Sharing

Addmine caters for both book sales and online reading. Online reading for protected documents is new and a sophisticated billing system had to be developed to monitor and bill users according to their usage and manage the revenue due to the contributing authors.

It costs nothing to sell protected eBooks though Addmine. Everything that is needed is provided on this web site including the upload facility for original documents than can be converted to protected format, the tools to build a promotional product page for book review and purchase, plus the tools to monitor earnings. In fact we also provide online tools to create book cover designs for display on your product page and a thumbnail for category and search results.

For more information on becoming an Addmine author, see How to Publish Copy Protected Books

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