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Copysafe PDF Protector
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Copysafe PDF Protector 
 Author: ArtistScope   Licence: Shareware
 Downloads: 173   File size: 7.13 Mb 
 Price: US$295.00   Version: 2.0
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CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for document distribution, doing what every other PDF protection software cannot do... by protecting your document from ALL copy including Printscreen and screen capture. And when using the DRM options you can also prevent unauthorized redistribution. That means that if a user forwards a document to another person who is not an approved user, then they cannot open the document.

- Distribute documents that are protected from all copy and redistribution
- Distribute documents that for the eyes of your intended recipients only
- Copy protect documents so that they can never have their content extracted
- Copy protect documents from Printscreen and all screen capture software
- Copy protect documents with a password that cannot be extracted
- Copy protect documents with expiry dates that cannot be foiled
- Distribute documents with total control over who can access and how
- Control how many times a document can be viewed or printed per user

CopySafe PDF Protector also includes a Document Converter for converting most file types to PDF, which will ensure that the quality of PDF conversion is consistent and suitable for distribution with the CopySafe PDF Reader that is available as a free download for your distribution

CopySafe PDF Protector will import PDF documents, by the file or by folder for batch processing, and encrypt them for distribution as copy protected documents with or without additional DRM protection for access rights management. ArtistScope DRM provides total control with any changes to document or user access privileges being effective immediately, even to documents already downloaded to a computer.

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