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Book Authors : How to Copy Protect Your Book Distribution

By copy protecting book distributions and preventing unauthorized use and redistribution (forwarding them to others) authors can protect their livelihood. Otherwise, how can authors make a living and get paid for the extensive effort that goes into their research and writing?

The Pitfalls of Popular Publishing Outlets

Most authors assume that by publishing via typical eBook outlets like Amazon and others, their exposure and earnings will automatically be maximized. However, the way most of these outlets work is that they assign really low prices to eBooks and offer little to no protection for the author's livelihood. At best, the only protection that these outlets offer is that the eBook will be delivered to someone who has paid for it. But what about protecting the book from copy, extraction and sharing with others? Using these typical eBook outlets, your material can be purchased once and then may be distributed to everyone else for free. At worst, the book may even be converted to another file format or its contents extracted for use by others as if it’s someone else's property.

Gain Control of Your Book Price

Most of the popular online book stores actually discourage authors from pricing their books above small token amounts because they are more interested in making commissions from as many buyers as possible. Such schemes have no consideration for the livelihood of authors, with respect to the time they spent for extensive research and effort. Furthermore, without proper compensation, how can any author make a living out of writing?

Take for example the following scenario, where an author sells a book for $4. The commission may be 40% or less, which means that for a book that took 2 months to write, sales need to exceed 3,000 copies before the book becomes profitable. The book store earns $2.40 or more from every $4 sale and they do not care if you go broke because there are still hundreds of other authors who are contributing to their catalog.

In cases where your book provides professional coaching, tuition or other intellectual property reserved for paying clientele, it might sell for $100 to $300 or more. You definitely do not want such a book shared or copied, so why take a risk at all and publish on these typical sites?

How Effective is Copy Protection and DRM?

Copy protection can prevent duplication of a book's content and DRM can prevent sharing. But how effective that protection is depends on the solution used and the shocking truth is that most copy protection solutions are useless. To date, no other book publisher utilizes a secure copy protection solution and all of the commercial solutions available today are orientated toward being popular, rather than provide proper protection - except for one solution, known as CopySafe PDF that this website uses.

Copy Protection for Book Downloads and Online Reading

Books purchased here can be downloaded and saved to disk for reading on a user's desktop using the CopySafe PDF Reader. Such books are protected from sharing by ensuring that only the person who purchased the book has the right to open it. So if that person sends a copy of the book to friends, none of them will be able to open it unless they too have your permission. The only way that others can get that permission is by buying the book themselves.

Books displayed online from our web pages are protected from all copy, including Print Screen and screen capture. Even if someone downloads the file, they will find that it cannot be opened because it will be domain-locked to this website and thus, can never be saved.

Web Browser and OS Support

Our copy protection solution is supported across all Windows OS since XP, which means that 92% of net users can use the CopySafe PDF Reader. Online reading is available to all web browsers using Windows.

There is no support for the remaining group, which is comprised of many different OS and devices that cannot support proper copy protection and DRM or are too unstable to survive a rollout.

Support Limitations vs Livelihood

Anyone squeamish about forgoing support for hand-held devices (non-Windows) may need to consider what they will be sacrificing for so little in return. Publishing eBooks for Mac and Android means that they cannot be properly protected. Sure, there are lots of products claiming that they can be protected, but in reality, they are shams targeting people’s ignorance and naivety. If it could be done, then ArtistScope, the makers of CopySafe PDF, original founder of copy-protection for the Internet and developer of every effective copy protection solution since, would be providing support for them.

In addition, the sales you won’t earn out of the 8% who won’t be able to buy your book will be negligible. For example, out of 100 potential users, only 92 will be able to read your book yet your livelihood will be protected. Of the 8 who won’t be able to, five of them might be using Mac or Android devices, thereby leaving three users unaccounted for and assumed to be either search engines or data miners.

Now let's do the sums. If your book sells for $10 and that your livelihood sill be guaranteed protected, the revenue from 100 potential buyers will be $920. Here, you may have lost $50 of sales for not supporting other OS, but your livelihood remains intact. On the other hand, selling books for use on an OS that will not be able to protect your livelihood will dramatically reduce your income because of high risk of unauthorized distribution and plagiarism. At worst, you will lose all potential income altogether if someone reproduces your work and distributes it for free.

So, for the sake a small amount of income, in this case $50, are you prepared to risk the entire $920? Because that is what can happen, unless everyone who wants to read your book actually pays for it and the only way to guarantee this is to have the book properly protected.

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