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Book Authors : How to Publish Copy Protected Books

Addmine provides all of the tools necessary for you to publish your book using the most secure copy protection and DRM. Here, you can upload your book for the server to convert it to copy-protected format and list it in our online book store, where site visitors can purchase it. Everything is automated and all that you need is the original document and a PayPal account to receive payments at the end of the month*.


Everyone is welcome to apply for author status. All that is required is that the book be written in English and that you have a PayPal account to receive monthly payments. Currently, there are 2 book stores like this one and they are both in English. Anyone interested in partnering a protected book store in another language can contact ArtistScope about establishing services dedicated to specific languages.

Getting Started

To become a contributing author, you first need membership status on this website. Once you have registered and validated your email, you should then be able to log-in to complete the Agent Details found in your Control Panel. Authors can act as their own agent or act on behalf of other authors. As the agent, you will be sole contact point for those authors and receive commissions on books that you manage.
  1. Log-in and complete the Agent Details for Payment Details.
  2. See the new menu link for Agent and then click on Agent Documents.
  3. Click Add New Document.
  4. Click Browse to select the document to upload**
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to nominate the book title, author name, etc.
  6. From your Documents list, click Edit to add the display info including price, etc.
  7. Now that you have that info saved, click Edit again to add a book cover. All books must include a Book cover image before being approved for public view in our store. If you already have an image to use, then you can upload that. Otherwise, you can use the Online Book Cover Design tool provided on our website.
  8. Wait for our editor to review your submission and check its correctness.
* Commissions are reviewed for any month in the first week of the new month and paid into your PayPal account if the amount exceeds the minimum payment required and the threshold that you may have nominated.

** If your document is not of the file format listed on the upload page, then you will need to convert it to one that is listed. For example, if you have an ePub file, then you will need to convert it to Word or PDF before you can upload it here. Otherwise, you can simply use an original file in Word format.


Commissions paid on book sales are according to the rate assigned by Addmine for "Book Sales" and are calculated as a percentage of the author's nominated purchase price. Commissions for online reading are calculated by a similar formula. The author/owner of the book receives 80% of the revenue from book sales and online reading. Addmine retains only 20% as commission for providing the whole of this service free.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

If you are the owner or author of your book, have it copyrighted, so that the intellectual property of that book will always belong to you. By uploading your book to this website, you are not passing on any rights other than your permission to promote and sell that book on your behalf. Likewise, if you are the agent representing other authors, then the copyright of those books will always remain with those authors.

Original Files

All original files uploaded to this website are automatically deleted upon completion of the conversion process that produces the copy-protected version of your book. This version of your book is stored ready for delivery and/or reading by paying persons only. Such books can never be opened or displayed to anyone who has not paid for the right to do so via this website system.

Addmine's Rights to Promote and Sell Your Book

Authors can request that their book be removed from publication at any time after 3 months from the date of submission. This holdover period is to give Addmine a chance to recoup any time that may have been spent on correcting, editing or coaching an author to get their book online.

For more information, see About Copy Protection for eBooks

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