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Advertising : Free Banner Exchange

Advertising on the Addmine website is available to anyone who has been approved to join our Banner Exchange. By joining our Banner Exchange, your ads can appear throughout the Addmine website as well as on the sites of other exchange members.

Addmine will swap impressions of your banner. Each time a banner is shown on your website, the impressions are logged to your account. As your account accrues impressions, your banner is shown in our network at the rate of one impression per two banner views on your site.


Unlike other banner rotation solutions, including Adwords and other affiliate banner systems, Addmine banners display direct website links and the ALT text assigned to your banner which means that you can benefit from backlinks for SEO. Other banner solutions merely display code relevant to their own system and offer no backlink merit at all.

How this works is that when search spiders like Google index your site and our members' sites, every page will be seen as displaying a different banner due to the innate design of our rotation method. So in theory, if every site has 200 pages and our exchange has 200 advertisers, then each banner and link can be indexed to provide at least one backlink from every member site.

Banner format

For this exchange, you have the choice of three (3) sizes that can be resized to suit almost any width... see below for the size options and code to use.

File Format

Forget about Flash and animated GIF. Sure, animated banners can be eye catching, but they can also be annoying to anyone trying to read the web page. The only acceptable images for this website are JPG and PNG, since they can still look good when rescaled down to as much as 50% of their original size. They are also much smaller file sizes than animations can ever be.


Acceptance of content and channel placement in the exchange is at the final discretion of Addmine who reserves the right to alter or simplify the artwork to make it more suitable for use at different sizes that everyone can use.


Addmine will not accept banners delivered from other websites. Your banner needs to be uploaded to our server, so that we can avoid broken links and provide quality service. Banners for get rich schemes, adult sites, pyramid selling and other dubious services or products will not be accepted. 

Getting started

Approval for joining our banner exchange will depend on your banner content and your website. To apply and join our exchange, please follow these steps:
  1. Complete this request form and upload your banner image/s.
  2. Wait for approval.
Click here to upload your banner exchange image (requires log-in).

Banner code to use on your web pages:
  • To copy the code to your web pages from the box below using copy & paste.
  • Set "style" to the size option that you want to use.
  • Insert your account ID in the "acc" setting (6 digit number).
  • Set banner width (h) and height (h) or leave blank for their default size.
  • Adjust "col" to suit your page's background color.
For 160 x 200 pixel banners:

For 350 x 200 pixel banners:

For 960 x 110 pixel banners:

Note: For smaller sizes, simply reduce the width and height proportionately. But if you do adjust their size, you will need to change the width and height of the iFrame also. To allow the banner to display at its default setting, simply leave w and h blank.

Multiple banners on the one page:

You can easily stack several banners in a single column by adding an iFrame for each. There is no need to increment their ID as the server can tell how many banners are running on the same page and will ensure that duplicated banners will not be shown.
  Scalable banner propertions for squarish shape

PDF security and document protection

 Most Popular Software 
 1.  Copysafe PDF Protector 
 2.  Get Right 
 3.  BallStream Live Scoreboard Control 
 4.  Anti Tracks 
 5.  Flash and Media Capture 
 6.  Download Studio 
 7.  Email Extractor 
 8.  Internal Medicine Clinic H and P Template 
 9.  Copysafe Web Protection 
 10.  ArtistScope CD 
 11.  RapidGen Genealogy 
 12.  Keyword Research 
 13.  Chinese Chess Soul 
 14.  Data Extractor 
 15.  Keyword Page Creator 
 16.  Batch WinFax2JPEG 
 17.  AyeConvert 
 18.  Awd2tif 
 19.  ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 
 20.  Aye SplitTiff 
 21.  Batch Fax to PDF 
 22.  AyeView 
 23.  The Collectors Crown 
 24.  Key Robot 
 25.  Scroll Image 
 26.  VueMinder 
 27.  Zoom Image 
 28.  Secure Image Pro 
 29.  Batch WinFax2PDF 
 30.  Internet Usage Monitor 

Secure Web Hosting

Scalable banner propertions

 Featured Software 
Scoreboard Control provides live scoreboard displays for snooker, billiards and pool, complete with player performance statistics, drawsheet maker and much more. An ideal management tool for all cue sport tournament directors. ArtistScope Portable Media enables the distribution of web media by email, download or CD/USB for offline viewing. Media archives can be distributed for viewing and protected by password, or DRM with access tokens.
CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for distributing copy protected PDF files and the only solution that can copy protect PDFs from all avenues of copy including PrintScreen and screen capture. DU Meter can monitor your Internet usage and download allowance. A powerful and user-friendly tool that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection at any given moment.


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